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The Basic Laws And Rights Every Indian Should Be Aware Of

There is nothing more enabling than knowing your nation's laws and rights. You never know when you may need to place them into utilization. While, a large portion of us know about some essential laws and rights, here are some of them which we won't not think about:
1. In the event that your cylinder blasts you are qualified for Rs. 40 lakh spread!
A significant number of us are unconscious that residential LPG shoppers are qualified for a front of Rs. 40 lakh if there should be an occurrence of death toll or harm to property because of chamber blasts.
2. Punished for accepting gifts? Yes, they can be rewards.
It has turned into a convention for organizations to send blessings! As these blessings can be painstakingly hidden rewards, the law is a keen move by the legislature to stay away from circumstances of pay off. Know more about The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010' here.
3. Just female officers can escort ladies to the police headquarters
Not just do male officers have no privilege to escort a lady yet she can decline to go to the police headquarters between 6 pm to 6 am. If there should be an occurrence of a genuine wrongdoing, a composed license from the justice is required for male officers to escort her.
4. The tax recovery officer can arrest and release you
If there should be an occurrence of assessment infringement, the TRO has the privilege to capture you, however a summon must be sent. The expense official just chooses to what extent would you be able to be in care, yet your discharge will be chosen by the TRO. This has been specified in the Income-charge Act, 1961 .
5. No traffic criminal offense laws for non-mechanized vehicles
In spite of the fact that it has been illuminated that a golf truck is not permitted out and about but rather there aren't any punishments against non engine vehicles like a cycles or rickshaws, since they don't fall under the Motor Vehicles Act.
6. Ladies can hold up protests through messages
Rules issued by the Delhi Police qualifies ladies for the benefit of enlisting a grievance by means of email or even through post in the event that she can't go to the police headquarters.
7. Live-in relationships someone are not unlawful
In spite of the fact that it is disliked in our nation, however the length of both the grown-ups are prepared to stay together, live seeing someone are not unlawful. In addition, live seeing someone are thought to be 'equivalent to marriage' if certain conditions are met few of which are pooling of monetary and local courses of action, entrusting the obligation, sexual relationship, bearing kids, socialization out in the open and aim, behavior of the gatherings, and so on. This is done to ensure ladies under the Domestic Violence Act . Likewise, youngsters conceived out of live seeing someone have the privilege to acquire their guardian's property.
8. Political gatherings can request your vehicle during elections
Amid the season of races, a political gathering can request your auto or bicycle for battling purposes in the wake of choosing a settlement with you. Additionally, parties can't offer free rides forward and backward from survey corners.
9. On the off chance that you have been fined once in the day you possibly pardoned after that
Riding around without a head protector can arrive you into inconvenience, yet once you are fined for it, the chalaan slip can get you out of being fined for the same till midnight. Yes, yet this is not a consolation to do as such. Be sheltered while driving.
10. You don't need to pay the MRP, you can purchase for less
MRP is the Maximum Retail Price. As shoppers, you have the privilege to can hope at some cost beneath that. Be that as it may, a dealer can not go past the MRP.
11. In the event that you aren't paid, record a complaint immediately
The Limitation Act expresses that in the event that you aren't paid by somebody who is contracted to pay you, you have to record a grumbling inside 3 years. After that day and age your suit undoubtedly will be rejected, so being languid about this is impossible.
12. 3 months in prison for PDA! (Public Display of Affection)
PDA inside its points of confinement is permitted however any profane movement is deserving of law for upto 3 months. Since the word indecent has not been characterized, couples are regularly annoyed by policemen.
13. Head constables have constrained arraignment power
No head constable can fine you for any offense which right away has a punishment for more than Rs.100. Be that as it may, infringement of more than one standard can bring about a challan of higher quality. This was issued by the Delhi Traffic Police and data about the same is accessible on their Facebook page.
14. A police officer is dependably on obligation, actually
The 1861 Police Act plainly expresses that a cops is dependably on obligation. In the event that he or she witnesses a demonstration of wrongdoing or if an episode is conveyed as far as anyone is concerned they can't say "I am not on obligation" regardless of the fact that they aren't in uniform. Obviously, they are qualified for some rest as a result of the diligent work that they put into their work.
15. The no sex divorce
As entertaining as it sounds, if a spouse or a wife reject sex post marriage, it can be esteemed as 'mental pitilessness' and is a practical purpose behind separation.
16. On the off chance that you have a child and you are hoping to receive another... all things considered, you can't!
The Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, 1956 plainly expresses that on the off chance that you have a Hindu child or a's child or a's child, you can't receive another. Same goes for a little girl. What's more, the base age crevice ought to be 21 years between the tyke and the adopter.

Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act 1956

Hindu Minority and Guardianship Act, 1956
An Act to change and systematize certain parts of the law identifying with minority and
guardianship among Hindus.
BE it established by Parliament in the Seventh Year of the Republic of India as takes after:-
1 . Short title and degree.- (1) This Act might be known as the Hindu Minority and Guardianship 
Act, 1956. 
(2) It stretches out to the entire of India aside from the State of Jammu Kashmir and applies to
Hindus domiciled in the domains to which this Act broadens who are outside the said
2 . Act to be supplemental to Act 8 of 1890.- The procurements of this Act should be in
expansion to, and not, spare as hereinafter explicitly gave, in disparagement of, the Guardians
what's more, Wards Act, 1890 (8 of 1890).
3 . Utilization of Act.- (1) This Act applies-
(a) to any individual who is a Hindu by religion in any of its structures or improvements, including a
Virashaiva, a Lingayat or a supporter of the Brahmo, Prarthana or Arya Samaj.
(b) to any individual who is a Buddhist, Jaina or Sikh by religion and
(c) to any individual domiciled in the domains to which this Act develops who is not a Muslim,
Christian, Parsi, or Jew by religion, unless it is demonstrated that any such individual would not have
been represented by the Hindu law or by any custom or use as a major aspect of that law in appreciation of
any of the matters managed thus in the event that this Act had not been passed.
Clarification.- The accompanying persons are Hindus, Buddhists, Jainas or Sikhs by religion, as
the case might be:-
(i) any tyke, real or illegitimate, both of whose guardians are Hindus, Buddhists, Jainas
then again Sikhs by religion;
(ii) any youngster, genuine or illegitimate, one of whose guardians is a Hindu, Buddhists, Jaina or
Sikh by religion and who is raised as an individual from the tribe, group, bunch or
family to which such parent has a place or had a place; and
(iii) any individual who is believer or re-proselyte to the Hindu, Buddhist, Jaina or Sikh religion.
(2) Notwithstanding anything contained in sub-segment (1), nothing contained in this Act
should apply to the individuals from any planned Tribe inside the importance of condition (25) of
article 366 of the Constitution unless the Central Government, by notice in the Official
Journal, generally coordinates.
(3) The expression "Hindu" in any part of this Act should be interpreted as though it incorporated a
individual who, however not a Hindu by religion, is by the by, a man to whom this Act,
applies by excellence of the procurements contained in this segment.
4 . Definitions.- In this Act,-
(a) "minor" means a man who has not finished the age of eighteen years;
(b) "real" means a man having the consideration of the individual of a minor or of his property or of
both his individual and property, and incorporates
(i) a characteristic watchman,
(ii) a watchman designated by the will of the minor's dad or mom,
(iii) a watchman designated or pronounced by a court, and
(iv) a man engaged to go about all things considered by or under any institution identifying with any court of
(c) "common watchman" implies any of the gatekeepers said in segment 6.
5 . Abrogating impact of Act.- Save as generally explicitly gave in this Act,-
(an) any content, standard or elucidation of Hindu law or any custom or use as a major aspect of that law in
compel instantly before the initiation of this Act should stop to have impact with
admiration to any matter for which procurement is made in this Act;
(b) some other law in power quickly before the beginning of this Act should stop to
have impact in so far as it is conflicting with any of the procurements contained in this Act.
6 . Characteristic watchmen of a Hindu minor.- The regular gatekeepers of a Hindu, minor, in
admiration of the minor's individual and also in appreciation of the minor's property (barring his or
her unified enthusiasm for joint family property), are-
(an) on account of a kid or an unmarried young lady the father, and after him, the mother: gave
that the authority of a minor who has not finished the age of five years might commonly be
with the mother;
(b) on account of an illegitimate kid or an illegitimate unmarried young lady the mother, and after
her, the father;
(c) on account of a wedded young lady the spouse;
Given that no individual might be qualified for go about as the characteristic gatekeeper of a minor under the
procurements of this area
(an) on the off chance that he has stopped to be a Hindu, or
(b) on the off chance that he has totally lastly disavowed the world by turning into a loner (vanaprastha)
on the other hand a plain (yati or sanyasi)
Clarification.- In this segment, the expressions "father" and "mother" do exclude a stepfather
what's more, a stage mother.
7 . Common guardianship of received child.- The regular guardianship of an embraced child
who is a minor goes, on selection, to the receptive father and after him to the supportive
8 . Forces of regular gatekeeper.- (1) The normal watchman of a Hindu minor has power,
subject to the procurements of this area, to do all demonstrations which are essential or sensible and
legitimate for the advantage of the minor or for the acknowledgment, assurance or advantage of the
minor's bequest; however the gatekeeper can stuck no case tough situation the minor by an individual pledge.
(2) The regular watchman should not, without the past consent of the court,-
(a) home loan or charge, or exchange by deal, blessing, trade or generally any part of the
resolute property of the minor or
(b) rent any piece of such property for a term surpassing five years or for a term broadening
over one year past the date on which the minor will achieve larger part.
(3) Any transfer of relentless property by a characteristic gatekeeper, in contradiction of subsection
(1) or sub-area (2), is voidable at the occurrence of the minor or any individual asserting
under him.
(4) No court might concede authorization to the regular watchman to do any of the demonstrations said
in sub-segment (2) aside from in the event of need or for a clear favorable position to the minor.
(5) The Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 (8 of 1890), should apply to and in admiration of an
application for getting the consent of the court under sub-area (2) in all regards as
in the event that it were an application for getting the authorization of the court under segment 29 of that
Act, and specifically
(a) procedures regarding the application should be esteemed to be procedures under
that Act inside the significance of segment 4A thereof.
(b) the court should watch the technique and have the forces indicated in sub-segments (2),
(3) and (4) of segment 31 of that Act; and
(c) a bid lie from a request of the court rejecting authorization to the characteristic watchman to do
any of the demonstrations specified in sub-segment (2) of this segment to the court to which requests
commonly lie from the choices of that court.
(6) In this area, "Court" implies the city common court or a region court or a court
enabled under segment 4A of the Guardians and Wards Act, 1890 (8 of 1890), inside the
neighborhood breaking points of whose locale the undaunted property in admiration of which the application
is made is arrange, and where the enduring property is arrange inside the ward of
more than one such court, implies the court inside the neighborhood furthest reaches of whose ward any
part of the property is arrange.
9 . Testamentary gatekeepers and their forces.- (1) A Hindu father qualified for go about as the
characteristic watchman of his minor true blue youngsters may, by will designate a gatekeeper for any of
them in appreciation of the minor's individual or in admiration of the minor's property (other than the
unified interest alluded to in area 12) or in appreciation of both.
(2) An arrangement made under sub-area (1) might have not impact if the father
predeceases the mother, yet should restore if the mother bites the dust without delegating, by will, any
individual as gatekeeper.
(3) A Hindu dowager qualified for go about as the common gatekeeper of her minor real youngsters,
also, a Hindu mother qualified for go about as the common gatekeeper of her minor real youngsters
by reason of the way that the father has gotten to be disentitled to go about accordingly, may, by will,
select a gatekeeper for any of them in admiration of the minor's individual or in appreciation of the
minor's property (other than the unified interest alluded to in area 12) or in appreciation of
(4) A Hindu mother qualified for go about as the normal gatekeeper of her minor illegitimate youngsters
may; by will choose a gatekeeper for any of them in appreciation of the minor's individual or in
admiration of the minor's property or in appreciation of both.
(5) The gatekeeper so designated by will has the privilege to go about as the minor's watchman after the
demise of the minor's dad or mom, by and large, and to practice every one of the privileges of a
characteristic gatekeeper under this Act to such degree and subject to such confinements, assuming any, as are
determined in this Act and in the will.
(6) The privilege of the gatekeeper so designated by will should, where the minor is a young lady, stop on
her marriage.
10 . Insufficiency of minor to go about as watchman of property.- A minor might be awkward
to go about as watchman of the property of any minor.
11 . True watchman not to manage minors property.- After the beginning of
this Act, no individual might be qualified for discard, or manage, the property of a Hindu
minor simply on the ground of his or her being the true gatekeeper of the minor.
12 . Watchman not to be named for minors unified enthusiasm for joint family
property.- Where a minor has a unified enthusiasm for joint family property and the
property is under the administration of a grown-up individual from the family, no watchman should be
selected for the minor in admiration of such unified interest:
Given that nothing in this segment should be esteemed to influence the locale of a High
Court the welfare of the minor might be the fundamental thought.
13 . Welfare of minor to be fundamental thought.- (1) In the arrangement of
presentation of any individual as watchman of a Hindu minor by a court, the welfare of the minor
shall be the paramount consideration. (2) No person shall be entitled to the guardianship by virtue of the provisions of this Act or of any law relating to guardianship in marriage among Hindus, if the court is of opinion that his or her guardianship will not be for the welfare of the minor.

Process Chart

Likewise called: process flowchart, process stream graph.
Varieties: large scale flowchart, top-down flowchart, nitty gritty flowchart (likewise called process map, miniaturized scale map, administration map, or typical flowchart), arrangement flowchart (additionally called down-crosswise over or cross-utilitarian flowchart), a few leveled flowchart.
A flowchart is a photo of the different strides of a procedure in successive request.
Components that might be incorporated are: grouping of activities, materials or administrations entering or leaving the procedure (inputs and yields), choices that must be made, individuals who get to be included, time required at every progression and/or process estimations.
The procedure portrayed can be anything: an assembling procedure, a managerial or administration handle, a venture arrangement. This is a nonexclusive apparatus that can be adjusted for a wide assortment of purposes.
when to Use a Flowchart
To create comprehension of how a procedure is finished.
To ponder a procedure for development.
To impart to others how a procedure is finished.
At the point when better correspondence is required between individuals required with the same procedure.
To report a procedure.
At the point when arranging a task.
Flowchart Basic Procedure
Materials required: sticky notes or cards, an expansive bit of flipchart paper or newsprint, stamping pens.
Characterize the procedure to be diagrammed. Compose its title at the highest point of the work surface.
Examine and settle on the limits of your procedure: Where or when does the procedure begin? Where or when does it end? Talk about and settle on the level of point of interest to be incorporated into the chart.
Conceptualize the exercises that occur. Compose each on a card or sticky note. Succession is not imperative now, despite the fact that reasoning in grouping may individuals recollect that every one of the strides.
Mastermind the exercises in appropriate succession.
When all exercises are incorporated and everybody concurs that the arrangement is right, attract bolts to demonstrate the stream of the procedure.
Audit the flowchart with others required all the while (specialists, managers, suppliers, clients) to check whether they concur that the procedure is drawn precisely.
Flowchart Considerations
Try not to stress a lot over drawing the flowchart the "right way." The correct way is the way that helps those included comprehend the procedure.
Distinguish and include in the flowcharting procedure all key individuals required with the procedure. This incorporates the individuals who take the necessary steps all the while: suppliers, clients and chiefs. Include them in the genuine flowcharting sessions by meeting them before the sessions and/or by demonstrating to them the creating flowchart between work sessions and getting their criticism.
Try not to appoint a "specialized master" to draw the flowchart. Individuals who really play out the procedure ought to do it.
PC programming is accessible for drawing flowcharts. Programming is valuable for drawing a perfect last graph, yet the strategy given here works better for the untidy introductory phases of making the flowchart.

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Resignation Letter Format

Resignation letter  
Any Resignation must be done effortlessly and professionally.  
Composing a resignation letter is difficult. As it involves convention it should be done skillfully and also graciously or it could seriously affect your vocation later on.  
This is an asset page that will firstly give you free access to numerous professionally composed resignation letter illustrations and furthermore demonstrate to you proper methodologies to compose your own special excellent one. It can help you on the off chance that you are not certain what to write in an resignation letter and demonstrate to you industry standards to carefully say that you are clearing out. Basically you will figure out how to leave effortlessly and rapidly from your employment by keeping your letter to the point and dodging any space for confusion.  
Numerous businesses do take an individual enthusiasm for their staff and can take it as an individual disappointment if an esteemed individual from staff needs to take off. In this way when composing a letter of Resignation you ought to concentrate on making a record which your manager can grasp and feel vindicated of any fault or blame over your flight.  
What is an resignation letter  
An resignation letter is a formal articulation prompting a business that you are leaving your occupation. Notwithstanding when oral warning of your aims has been given it is still fitting to explicitly state it.  
A decent resignation letter can serve to keep spans from being smoldered amongst you and your organization. It's a little world out there, which means you ought to oppose the allurement to give your manager some appropriately harsh criticism. Keep in mind that you may require a business reference from them later on, so your letter ought to dependably be proficient and courteous. Your letter will more likely than not be documented and incorporated into your vocation record, and could be appeared to potential future bosses - it could in this manner cause issues down the road for you.  
Step by step instructions to leave  
The standard approach is to first leave verbally and in individual, and to then take after that up with a formal letter. The letter is usually submitted no less than two weeks before a leaving date, this day and age permits the business to make plans for your takeoff. In spite of the fact that you ought to note that a few organizations have diverse arrangements and may discharge a worker quickly, its consequently prudent to check the terms of your vocation to check whether there are any unique conditions.  
Tips when composing an resignations letter  
Check your organization's end strategy, as a few managers require at least 4 weeks' notification for representative resignations.  
Remember that the moment you present your resignation letter, you could be advised to pack your stuff and leave before the day's over.  
Attempt to give your manager however much notice as could reasonably be expected, so they can have a sensible measure of time in finding a substitution for you.  
Attempt to mollify the pass up incorporating positive focuses in your letter.  
Abstain from talking about in point of interest your resignation arranges with your work partners. 
A resignation letter ought to be  
Straightforward and brief  
To the point 
What to incorporate into an resignation letter  
State that you are leaving. 
Notice the part you are leaving from.  
Give the present date.  
Notice the date you mean to clear out.  
Give an energy about the time you went through with the organization.  
Express gratitude toward them for the open doors they gave you amid your business.  
It is typically best to allude to the notification time frame in your agreement also.  
Contact data with the goal that they can get in touch with you on the off chance that they need to.  Don't  
Reprimand your boss or occupation. Negative articulations ought to be evaded no matter what, the same number of organizations will keep a resignation letter on record, and you may get yourself a couple of years down the line applying for a vocation with the extremely same organization.  Incorporate any slandering comments about individual supervisors, associates, or subordinates.  
Give long clarifications regarding why you are leaving i.e. you were offered more cash somewhere else. In the event that you do feel the need to give your reasons then make them exceptionally short.  Use enthusiastic or questionable dialect.  
Use slang or foul dialect.  
At the point when to give a purpose behind leaving  
On the off chance that you are leaving for positive reasons i.e. you are moving or doing a reversal to instruction then it is fine to give these reasons. In any case on the off chance that you are leaving a direct result of a grievance then it's quite often insightful never to specify the subtle elements.  
Abstain from censuring past managers  
When you have settled on the choice to proceed onward, it fills little need to scrutinize your manager or your employment.  
Tending to an Resignation letter  
As it is an individual report, and you will presumably know your supervisors first name you can begin it off with a something like 'Dear Richard'.  
Saying farewell to colleagues  
Subsequent to turning in your notification it's courteous to tell your nearby work partners that you are taking off. On the off chance that you need to stay in contact with some of them then take their contact subtle elements or offer yours to them. Its additionally fitting to not brag about any new employment you are taking up.  
Things to do before you leave your work environment  
Tidy up your work area and PC.  
Erase all PC records and messages.  
Take the contact subtle elements of any associates you need to stay in contact with.  
You might need to consider requesting a reference from your bosses before you clear out.  
Ensure you take care of any potential issues and don't leave any critical errands or obligations unfinished.  
Say farewell to your nearby work partners by and by or by means of an email.  
Offering to help your manager amid the 'move period' of you taking off.  
Offer to prepare a kindred laborer in your employment part,  
Help with helping them to discover somebody to supplant you.  
Propose a kindred individual from staff who you think could carry out your employment well.  
Keep in mind that regardless of the fact that your offer of help isn't acknowledged it will even now be welcomed.  
Reasons why individuals leave their Jobs  
Found a superior occupation.  
Migration – moving without end to an alternate region.  
Doing a reversal to into instruction. 
Profession change.  
Pregnancy .  
Amazing abhorrence of their every day work obligations.  
Harassing by chiefs, managers or collaborators.  
Compensation is too low.  
Few or no open doors for professional success.  
Apprehension of being laid off sooner rather than later.  
Commuting long separations.  
A vocation part has changed from what it initially was.  
Exhausted with the work they need to do. - 
See more at:

Companies Act 2013

The Companies Act 2013 is an Act of the Parliament of India which controls joining of an organization, obligations of an organization, executives, disintegration of an organization. The 2013 Act is isolated into 29 parts containing 470 areas as against 658 Sections in the Companies Act, 1956 and has 7 schedules.The Act has supplanted The Companies Act, 1956 (in an incomplete way) in the wake of getting the consent of the President of India on 29 August 2013. The Act came into power on 12 September 2013 with few changes like prior privately owned businesses most extreme number of part was 50 and now it will be 200. Another term of "one individual organization" is incorporated into this demonstration that will be a privately owned business and with just 98 procurements of the Act told. On 27 February 2014, the MCA expressed that Section 135 of the Act which manages corporate social obligation will become effective from 1 April 2014. On 26 March 2014, the MCA expressed that another 183 areas will be advised from 1 April 2014.  The Ministry of Company Affairs from that point proposed a draft warning for exempting privately owned businesses from the ambit of different segments under the organizations demonstration. - See more at:

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Knowing the basic criteria of interview question answer, is the sign that you are perfactly ready for the interview and there is no sign of skittishness and worry in the interview room. as every one know that hw thier behavior affect your career, so go confidently with a sweet smile and 1 give a short description of you;
1. express yourself 
            This question is not elementary or casual as it seems and don't behave like chatterbox and start mumbling. simply give nesscery information like your acoholds, grade,superiorty and eminence that the company can take the decision that are you really a proper or best canditate for them.
2. share your idea about the company or what you think about the company
           by this company want to know how you can contribute with company and what labour and attainment you can do for  the company and raise company's position. show them how dedicated you are with the position. Just give energetic passinating answer for joining the orgnization.
3. do you care about you position and where you want to go with this position
          Through this the company want to know about your dream project .than you can say that this job leads you to your desired position and dreams  and you have the leadership nature to do some thing big as i want. if this job is not apart of your dream job or goals than be straight forward and give a answer which connect this job with your dream.
4. Explain your tonicity
          Tell them that tonicity which the company want in you to raise their company value in market. your tonicity is your leadership. you know how to converge .  by this i can be able to take your company at top of the world. you can touch the sky.
5. reason to have this job opportunity
         position of the company and its name and fame forcing me to have this opportunity. interview through this want to know what is going in your mind abou the company and its reputation value.
6. what kind of salary are your expecting;
      by knowing  your skkitishness and  company value you can suggest a range .
7. do you think there is a need to improvement in the company or every thing is good or ok with you.
         be honest and share your ideas what you feel .
some silly question are also asked to know you can handle the basic or critical problem.
8. what things make you voilent
9. give example of your skills and art
10. your ideal in life
11. do yuo have any clashes or conflicts
12. define victory in your words
13. what kind of clashes you faced in your prevoius job
such question are just formality to read your mind and to know your behaviour with colleuge.


Nervousness felt by every candidate in thier interview. so first relax your self and make yourself confident that you are ready for the interview. second thing that effect your interview is your persnality, behaviour,talking skills and your attitude. while answering the question these quality are very nesscesary. collect every important information and news about the company that will help you. also rember that your answer should be logical, thoughtful simple and straight. donot make the answer large and donot start muttering. make direct contact with the interviewer. Now some basic question that asked by interviwer in interview are;
1. Tell us something about you.
           Does't meant that you start like a tape recorder;simly give small description about yourself that your biodata, rewards,dream and also tell them about your family background.
2. why you select this vaccany.
           by this job vaccany is a key for you where you want to be, and my goodness is that the company offering it and how you can miss such opportunity.
3. what are your intensity, supermacy and delicacy.
           reason behind this question is that, what  could you do for the company with your strength and how your weakness effect thier company.even also you can make a team better with your strength.
4. why we gave you such opportunity and what do you think where you stand in coming next years.
           every one want to grow,by using your strength you want to achieve your goal, you just tell them about your greatest strength like ;soft skills, achivements,hard work etc.
5. how long would you stay with company.
           as you got the chance of develaping, got nice friendly enviornment and and opportunity that challenges you for better position.
           makesure that your answer are convencing and comfortable. share your own view and thoughts not memorized one. show them that you are creative not like parrot who mimic other and repeat same thing . show them that how dedicated you are to your work. atlast you can ask the interviewer they have any question about you which will give you idea about your performance.