Monday, 4 July 2016


Nervousness felt by every candidate in thier interview. so first relax your self and make yourself confident that you are ready for the interview. second thing that effect your interview is your persnality, behaviour,talking skills and your attitude. while answering the question these quality are very nesscesary. collect every important information and news about the company that will help you. also rember that your answer should be logical, thoughtful simple and straight. donot make the answer large and donot start muttering. make direct contact with the interviewer. Now some basic question that asked by interviwer in interview are;
1. Tell us something about you.
           Does't meant that you start like a tape recorder;simly give small description about yourself that your biodata, rewards,dream and also tell them about your family background.
2. why you select this vaccany.
           by this job vaccany is a key for you where you want to be, and my goodness is that the company offering it and how you can miss such opportunity.
3. what are your intensity, supermacy and delicacy.
           reason behind this question is that, what  could you do for the company with your strength and how your weakness effect thier company.even also you can make a team better with your strength.
4. why we gave you such opportunity and what do you think where you stand in coming next years.
           every one want to grow,by using your strength you want to achieve your goal, you just tell them about your greatest strength like ;soft skills, achivements,hard work etc.
5. how long would you stay with company.
           as you got the chance of develaping, got nice friendly enviornment and and opportunity that challenges you for better position.
           makesure that your answer are convencing and comfortable. share your own view and thoughts not memorized one. show them that you are creative not like parrot who mimic other and repeat same thing . show them that how dedicated you are to your work. atlast you can ask the interviewer they have any question about you which will give you idea about your performance.